Friday, November 21, 2014

SilverTowne Stackables Prospector 1oz 999 Silver Medallion Bullion Round

NEW SilverTowne Stackables Prospector 1oz 999 Silver Medallion Bullion Round

Custom minted at the SilverTowne Mint in .999 Fine Silver. 

These stackable medallions interlock with each other, allowing you to stack them tall without worrying about them tumbling and crashing down! This makes them very easy and convenient to store. 

The stackable, interlocking nature of these pieces is made possible by the main design area of the round being inset on the obverse – causing a slight raised lip on the reverse. 

Along with this feature is an outer rim sporting small alternating bars of frosted areas along with inset areas of the mirrored finish. 

Australia 2013 20 Cent Coin With Rim Cud Error

Australia 2013 20 Cent Coin With Rim Cud Error 

Very clean and obvious error - suspect there must be more just like it out there, but yet to see any.

Also errors on the front the 2 has a straight die crack / cud, also a line coming off the 0 looking more like Q now

Error Coming Home War Commemorative 20 Cent Coin Rim Cud

 Error Coming Home War Commemorative 20 Cent Coin with Rim Cud

A known variety but not common

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scottsdale 999 Pure Silver Stackers Bullion Rounds

The Scottsdale Silver Stacker® Rounds combine an ULTRA HIGH RELIEF STRIKE with the beautiful modern contemporary design of the Scottsdale Mint hallmark Lion. 

These Silver Stacker Rounds feature a concave inter-locking 3D design, allowing each unit to stack and lock on one another. Each Stacker® Round is 39mm in diameter and fits nicely in a coin tube.

Available in 2oz & 100 gram sizes 
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Economics Theory: Jim Rickards Death of Money

Jim Rickards interview on the World economy and the death of the current fiat monetary system.

We’re in a global depression.

There’s a slow down in Japan, China, Europe and the U.S. — the whole world is in a global depression.

There’s enough fights to go around, but in a fight between the ECB (European Central Bank) and Germany, Germany wins.

The ECB is only doing $2.5 billion worth of asset buying, while the FED has been doing almost $1 trillion a year.

So the ECB is going through the motions but they’re not doing anything like QE. They’re not buying soveirgn debt.

They’re buying some asset-backed securities, but there aren’t even enough of those to have much of an impact.

The ECB’s Mario Draghi is the best Central Banker in the world.

He understands that Central Banks are essentially impotent.

When you’re impotent you have to talk a good game — so Draghi says little and does less.

 The U.S. FED is the opposite. They don’t understand how impotent the

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ted Butler: Silver Nightmare Will Soon Be Over

Ted Butler breaks down what happened to the silver price recently

Halloween couldn't have been more terrifying for silver investors. The gray metal cracked under $16/oz on Friday, a price not seen for nearly half a decade.

For years now, it's seemed like silver was beaten up so badly its price couldn't go lower. But then it would.

Why has silver been beaten down so badly? (now down 2/3 compared to it's high in late 2011). And will it ever see brighter days again?

This weekend, Chris has a long discussion with silver expert Ted Butler on the real culprit behind the wild price slams that have plagued silver: unfairly concentrated positions within the derivatives market.

JP Morgan, corruption, silver manipulation, banks, commercials, physical delivery, short squeeze

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