Saturday, February 11, 2012

.999 Silver Casino Gaming Token Strikes - Limited Edition $10.00

.999 Silver Casino Gaming Token Strikes - Limited Edition $10.00

These Limited Edition $10 Casino Gaming Tokens were originally won from slot machines. They are also known as Silver Strikes. These $10 Silver Strikes - .999 Fine Silver Center Gaming Tokens are no longer being issued.

They represent a perfect combination of a silver item with collector's value as well as fine piece of investment grade silver.

Sometimes found for very close to the silver spot value, and as they are essentially a form of fractional silver, they are unique blend as an investment choice with high liquidity due to and have novelty and collector's value added for free.

Each of these contain .6 troy ounces of .999 Fine Silver and will usually come in its own plastic protective case and are almost always in uncirculated condition or better. They are a great addition to any growing stack.
There are well over 100 different kinds of these silver strikes from different casino tokens available to collect.