Saturday, January 28, 2012

Victoria "Gothic" Florin 1853 - Sterling Silver Great Britain Coin

The Magnificent "Gothic" Design

The Gothic design was first used on the beautiful gothic crown of 1847. After the disaster of the "Godless" issue in 1849, the gothic design was used on the new florin coin. It continued with a number of minor changes until 1887. Our specimen is dated mdcccliii for 1853, and is in excellent condition. This was only the second date of gothic florin to enter circulation. A small quantity were produced for 1851, but it is thought that they were not intended for circulation.


Large bust of Queen Victoria, crowned, and with a long hair braid, wearing a dress richly embroidered with roses, shamrocks and thistles. The engraver's initials W.W. for William Wyon, appear raised below the shoulder.
The obverse inscription appears in gothic style script, in upper and lower case. This in itself is quite unusual, in that most coin inscriptions are in upper case (capitals) only:
Victoria d g brit reg f d mdcccliii


Crowned cruciform shields bearing three lions passant for England, lion rampant for Scotland, and harp for Ireland. In the angles are roses, a shamrock and a thistle. In the centre there is a flower motif. All contained within a tressured circular panel.
The reverse design was also by William Wyon.
The reverse legend is also in lower case gothic style script, except for the "O" of "One":
One florin
one tenth of a pound


The edge is milled

Victoria "Gothic" Florin 1853 - Sterling Silver Great Britain Coin