Sunday, January 8, 2012

Important Message About Gold and Silver - Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff has a message: If you have recently purchased gold or silver, then you might be discouraged by the recent decline in price.

But the fundamental case for owning gold and silver are stronger than ever. This may be the best time to buy silver and gold. Maybe you thought that the train had already left the station. Bull markets take the stairs up, and they take the elevator down. It seems as if the markets didn't even take the elevator down, it just fell off a cliff.

During this time period, there have been several sharp declines. The previous declines weren't as large in dollar values because the price levels weren't as high. People are saying that this is a bubble, and there are many people using leverage to invest in gold and silver. People who are leveraged are being forced to sell their gold and silver. But now there is an opportunity to increase your position if you already have one, or to establish a new position if you haven't yet done so. Ben Bernanke recently announced that there is more downside risk. But this is only bullish for the precious metals market. That is exactly why we are buying gold. They are trying to revive an artificial economy that is about to burst.

Rather than an announcement of QE3, we are now entering Operation Twist. At the end of the day, Bernanke will do the only thing that he knows how to do: print more money. He has already started QE3, but he just won't admit it.

It isn't just Americans that want to protect themselves from the politicians, it is also the Europeans. The real drop that we need to be worried about isn't the temporary drop in gold and silver, but the permanent drop in the purchasing power of paper money. Please share this video with your friends and family who may be worried during these tough times.