Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silver and Gold Demand Explodes in China - Video

Good information about chinese demand for investment bullion for wealth preservation.

Silver and Gold physical bullion products are in high demand. China sold 7 tons of Gold bullion in January, compared to selling 15 tons gold all of last year.

They sold 13 tons of physical silver in January compared to selling 33 tons of silver all of last year. Inflation has the chinese people spooked. The Chinese government is actively encouraging their people to buy physical gold and silver instead of putting their money into real estate.

When the dollar collapses or an economic collapse spreads throught the west, we are going to find that China has all the metal and real wealth and we have a stack of worthless paper.

The chinese are buying physical silver and gold. Are you?

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  1. I saw that reuters article too. Silver is a big play too, in China, because they have a very long history of using silver as their currency. It's a big cultural mindset.

    Good point about long term thinking and the rare earth metals.